TakeBackup is a program that lets you backup a folder into a zip file named incrementally. In order to use this you must have WinRAR installed. I suggest you download the source code and change the path to WinRAR and recompile. The Binary can be used only if WinRAR is installed in the default location in program files.

Before you can use this program, you must first associate a file type with it. For example, create a new file of type ".dobak" and double click it. When windows asks you what program you want to open it with, ask it to "always open with" this program. Now go to the folder which you want backed up. Create a file with whatever name you want, and extension .dobak. Double click this file, and a new folder called "bak" will be created, and the folder will be zipped and placed in the bak folder. The file name will be <foldername> 001.zip, and the numbering increases automatically with subsequent invocations.

Essentially, you can now backup any folder with a single click

Folders named "bak", "bin", "obj" are automatically excluded. You can specify additional files to ignore by typing "ExcludeFolder:" and then specifying a space separated list of folders to exclude within the dobak file.

Download the source code.
Download the binary.

This program and its source code is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause license.

Last updated sometime in 2006.